One of my greatest sources of pride has been the success of my PhD students.  I have learned a great deal from their work especially as they often research in areas that are rather tangential to my own areas of expertise.  I might as well promote them here since I am tied to them via an unbreakable vow.  I will be keeping a list of their publications and other accomplishments at my blog.


Katarina Koleva, “To Intervene or Not? The Psychological Dimension of Russian Foreign Policy Decision-Making,” Carleton University, TBA.

Mike Fejes, “‘All For One or One For All?’ Explaining Military Intervention and Deployment Variations Through Bureaucratic Influence’”


Maya Dafinova, "Keeping the Inter-Agency Peace? A Comparative Study of Whole-of-Government Peace Operations Management in Afghanistan," Carleton University, 2018. Working for an NGO in Ireland.

Jessica Trisko, “Aiding and Abetting: Foreign Aid and State Coercion,” McGill University,  2012.  Now at American University.

Aisha Ahmad, “Between the Mosque and the Market: An Economic Explanation of State Failure and State Formation in the Modern Muslim World,” McGill University, 2012. Tenure Track at U of Toronto.

Ora Szekely, “Send Lawyers, Guns and Money: The Politics of Militia Survival in the Middle East,” McGill University, 2011, Tenured at Clark University.

Sarah Myriam Martin-Brûlé, “Tackling the Anarchy Within: The Role of Deterrence and Great Power Intervention in Peace Operations,” McGill Universiyt, 2010, Tenured at Bishop’s University.

Suranjan Weeranatne, “Degrees of ‘Scapegoatability’: Assessing Spatial Variations in Collective Violence against the Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia, McGill University, 2009, Tenured at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

Amy Cox, “Understanding Violence: When And Why Do Communities Support The Use Of Violence Against The State?”  McGill University, 2009, now working as a realtor in Philadelphia.

Jonathan Paquin, “Recognizing the Obvious: The US Response to Secessionist Amibtions Since the End of the Cold War,” McGill University, 2006, tenured at Université Laval.

Brent Sasley, “Ideas, Individuals, and Institutions: Foreign Policy Variation in Israel and Turkey,” McGill University, 2006, tenured at University of Texas at Arlington.

Samuel Stanton, “Environmental Scarcity and Ethnic Conflict: Examining Causal Mechanisms Through Case Studies and Quantitative Analyses,” Texas Tech University, 2004, equivalent of tenured at Grove City College.

Other Students:

Theo McLauchlin, “Desertion, Control, and Collective Action in Civil Wars," McGill University, 2012, Post-Doc at U. de Montreal, Tenure Track at U de Montreal.

Pahi Saikia, “Protest Networks, Communicative Mechanisms and State Responses: Ethnic Mobilization and Violence in Northeast India,” McGill University, 2009, tenure track at IIT, Guwahati.

David Steinberg, was my first undergraduate RA at McGill, went on to become a grad student at Northwestern and a co-author of mine.  On tenure track at University of Oregon.